reiki, meditation & massage

Prananda is my praxis for Reiki, Meditation and Massage. 

My name is Danielle (she/her) - or Dani for short - and I am a certified, licensed Massage Therapist, certified Reiki Master and certified Yoga Instructor. I offer Reiki, Massage and Meditation in my own private studio in Gallneukirchen.

I completed the required training for Medical Massage Therapy in Linz. A massage can help with many different types of pain, but it also helps if you just want to relax. Whether you just want to relieve stress, or you have muscle pain/soreness, you are in great hands with me!

Prananda Reiki

Shortly after finishing my massage training, I began my journey with energy work and am now a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. I have always felt a very strong connection with people and Reiki has become one of my favorite ways to continue to connect with people. This ancient form of energy work has truly changed my life. Everyone can try Reiki at Prananda as a way to find themselves again. It is important to be open and welcome all of your feelings and emotions in. My private studio in charming Gallneukirchen is very welcoming and you will feel instantly relaxed when you walk through the door.


In 2021, I worked on my Yoga Teacher Training through an online school based in Pennsylvania (USA) where I placed my main focus on Meditation. Meditation is yet another way to bring balance within yourself and into your life. Through deep breathing and focused thoughts, we can reduce stress, anxiety and even pain. I will be offering online meditation classes so that anyone in the world can join in.


AromaTouch ist eine klinische Anwendung von 8 ätherischen Ölen auf Rücken, Nacken und Füßen. Sie kombiniert die Vorteile der menschlichen Berührung mit der Wirkung ätherischer Öle, um ein Gefühl von Ausgeglichenheit und Wohlbefinden zu erzeugen. Die AromaTouch-Technik wurde entwickelt, um den Menschen mit Hilfe der ätherischen Öle von DoTerra ein gutes Erlebnis zu vermitteln.

Weitere Informationen zu Massage, Reiki, AromaTouch und/oder Meditation findest du auf der Seite „Services" page.






Where does the name come from?

Prana: Universal Life Force

Ananda: Extreme Happiness

At Prananda Reiki it's about relaxation, about emotional and physical well being, about discovering your inner peace and becoming in tune with your body and your mind.
At Prananda it's about finding balance in your life and within yourself.
I believe this is possible with the help of Reiki, Meditation and Massage.

At Prananda, all are welcome.


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